Microshading! If you like the filled-in brow look but loathe having to spend precious time applying brow makeup each day, this technique for you - you'll love the results! 

- OR -

If you have oily, sensitive or problematic skin, then this is the brow technique for you!

This technique is meant to look more filled and powdery, like a fresh makeup look. To create this effect, a small rotary tattoo machine or a manual device is used to implant pigment. 

Your personal results will vary from soft, medium, or bold, depending on your individual skin and its receptiveness to pigment, along with your personal style and how much pigment is used.  Immediately results will be quite bold but, like all brow procedures, will fade to a softer look within a few weeks.

You will need a touch up after the initial appointment, which needs to be scheduled 4 to 8 weeks after the first session.

The treatment is semi-permanent lasting up to 3 or 4 years, depending on the skin type/lifestyle, and generally requires at least two sessions. In the first session, the eyebrow shape is measured according to the client's facial features, to achieve the most suitable eyebrow shape and pigment colour is selected, with the client's input, to suit the client's hair and skin. Once the client is satisfied with the newly drawn shape, the procedure will begin. Please allow 3 hours for the initial session.

The second session must be scheduled by the client 4 to 8 weeks after the first session. During this session, the eyebrow is re-measured and analysed to determine whether more work is required. Please keep in mind that the second session is essential for every client to see the final result after healing. Allow up to 2 hours for this session. A touch-up must be completed within eight weeks to avoid additional charges and to achieve the desired result.


Save time and needless stress so you are free to enjoy what really matters (like vacays and family), no more time and money wasted on makeup!!

Invest in you, you deserve it!


Starting at $550+HST

(Includes one touch up within 2 months of initial appointment)

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