Permanent eyeliner = No more smudges or

wasting time pulling at the delicate skin around your eyes trying to create the perfect line!


 Whether it is a slight lash enhancement, giving the impression of thick lashes to define ones eyes, or whether it is a more bold, sultry line you're after, permanent eyeliner is a MUST! 

Especially for those busy mamas, boss ladies or those wanting that little something extra to get them looking on point!, all the time!! It is also a go send if you find using eyeliner difficult due to lack of practice, impaired vision or a medical condition, permanent eyeliner offers a long-term solution.

Save time and needless stress so you are free to enjoy what really matters.

Invest in you, you deserve it!

Starting at $399+HST

(Touch up must be within 2 months of initial appointment - $80 materials fee)

*Note: Any correction work may incur a fee of $80 - $150 depending on the work required